3 Important Things To Do Before Selling Your Vehicle

After driving the same vehicle for many years, it’s always a thrill to sell it and invest in a brand new one. Whether that’s for a solo drive to and from work, or for your family travels, the end goal is to buy a modern vehicle that runs much better than the old one. However, before that can happen, you need to sell your old vehicle at the highest price possible. Reflection Detailing breaks down a few critical steps to take to ensure you get the most out of the sale process.

Get A Thorough Mechanical Inspection

While it may seem pointless to take your vehicle to a mechanic or other automotive repair service when you won’t be the one driving it anymore, this is all for the benefit of you and your future buyer. A critical aspect many people consider when buying a car, especially a used car, is whether it is safe to drive and if it has any problems. If it doesn’t have a “clean bill of health,” as it were, then chances are not many people will be interested in purchasing it. You must take the car to a dealership or mechanic to make sure everything is in perfect working condition. This step ensures your future buyer’s safety, and raises your likelihood of selling at a higher price.

Clean The Entire Vehicle’s Interior

Once your old vehicle is considered a low-risk investment for potential buyers, the next step is to make it look presentable. No matter if you‘ve driven the car for a few days or a few years, there is guaranteed to be crumbs, dirt and dust all over the interior; maybe there are scraps of leftover trash or receipts on the floors, or filth starting to gather on the edge of the seats. The only way to make the inside of your vehicle sellable is to schedule a complete auto interior detailing service. Trust the experts to give you the full cleaning treatment, removing any sign that the car has been used. Attempting to do this step yourself can yield much lower quality results, meaning potential buyers will not be interested and you will be offered a lower price. Always contact auto detailing experts to perform this step.

Make Sure The Vehicle's Exterior Is Pristine

Once the interior looks as though it’s fresh from the factory, now is the time to work on the exterior. Now is not the time for a regular car wash treatment — a full auto exterior detailing appointment is required. The idea is to make sure when someone first lays eyes on the car, they can instantly picture themselves driving it away. Two services you must schedule are a full auto paint correction and a frame paint restoration. When performed in tandem, these services reinforce the integrity of the car’s paint, remove various scratches and minor damage, improve its overall appearance, and protect the frame from rust. This level of auto detailing is important for taking care of blemishes or imperfections that could possibly limit your vehicle’s value.

Let Us Help You Make A Deal

When you’re ready to sell your vehicle and purchase a new one, contact Reflection Detailing for a full list of essential auto detailing services. Let us help you get the highest price possible and protect your financial future. Schedule an appointment with us today!