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After driving the same vehicle for many years, it’s always a thrill to sell it and invest in a brand new one. Whether that’s for a solo drive to and from work, or for your family travels, the end goal is to buy a modern vehicle that runs much better than the old one. However, before that can happen, you need to sell your old vehicle at the highest price possible. Reflection Detailing breaks down a few critical steps to take to ensure you get the most out of the sale process.

Get A Thorough Mechanical Inspection

While it may seem pointless to take your vehicle to a mechanic or other automotive repair service when you won’t be the one driving it anymore, this is all for the benefit of you and your future buyer. A critical aspect many people consider when buying a car, especially a used car, is whether it is safe to drive and if it has any problems. If it doesn’t have a “clean bill of health,” as it were, then chances are not many people will be interested in purchasing it. You must take the car...


How long have you had your current vehicle? How many miles does it have on it? Unless it’s fresh from the car dealership, you probably have a few scratches, scrapes, or other types of minor damage. While these may not seem too bothersome on the surface, taking care of your vehicle’s exterior is the first step to many long-term benefits. Reflection Detailing auto restoration experts explain why investing in a complete auto paint correction or frame restoration is both personally and financially beneficial.

Restores Integrity & Sale Value

The entire auto paint correction process is designed to remove various imperfections from your vehicle’s exterior — such as scratches, scrapes, water spots, and bird dropping stains — and restore it to its original glory. Restoring the outside finish is key to preventing current minor damage from getting worse and to making your vehicle look brand new. This both enhances your...